Marlise Witschi is best known for her large, colourful, abstract paintings, which express Freedom and Spontaneity.

A Near Death Experience in her 30s stirred her drive to share these qualities, which she recognized being our True Nature.

•The Swiss born artist’s favorite medium is acrylics and Mixed Media. She marks and scratches the surfaces of her paintings with sharp tools and color crayons, as if trying to tell an untellable story.

The inspiration for her art being internal, the painting process evolves through a dance of call and response, where inspiration and knowledge play with each other.

Marlise is self-taught and has been taking numerous workshops and classes with internationally acclaimed artists.

She lives currently in Cozumel, Mexico. Her work has been shown in many Solo- and group shows in Canada, Mexico and Switzerland.







 Art to her means that we take the freedom to be who we are, and to express what wants to be expressed through us – which can’t be expressed through anyone else.

Her paintings are expressions of this freedom and spontaneity. She loves to convey a sense of permissiveness to the viewer: Permissiveness to be who you are - regardless. The ordinary and the extraordinary are all included in Life.

Marlise's way of painting is like a dance of call and response. First, there is a ‘stepping out of the way’ and letting ‘it’ come through; a spontaneous movement, which then triggers a response. It’s a process of listening and following, in a very attentive way. The result are diverse expressions of the play between Light and darkness.

Marlise inspires the viewer to realize that they are equally an Artist, in that they are free to see and interpret whatever they want, in any painting, at any moment. Thus, the act of creation takes place as much in the viewer as in the painter – there is no difference.

Most importantly, Marlise wants to share freedom, peace, spontaneity and playfulness with you. May her paintings touch you in a way to trigger this joy! 



Marlise was an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and of the North Okanagan Chapter of the FCA (NOFCA), when she lived in Canada. 




  •  Group Show of local artists in the Museum of Cozumel, for its 33rd anniversary. Mexico.    


  • December: Solo Show in the Hotel Flamingo, Cozumel, Mexico. 19 paintings.
  • November: Group juried Show of NOFCA in Vernon, BC, Canada.
  •  September: Art Walk in Lake Country. Juried group show with over 3000 visitors. BC, Canada
  • July: OASIS, Regional juried Show in Peachland, BC.
  • February 12 to March 26, Solo Show in Le Chef Restaurant in Cozumel, sponsered by the Museum of Cozumel.


  •  September 3 to 29, NOFCA juried Show, Vertigo Gallery. Received an Honorable mention. Vernon, BC.
  • July 1 to 31, Solo Show in Nadine's Fine Art Gallery, Vernon, BC.    
  • Kamloops, BC, Regional juried Show by a Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. FCA, April 20 to 29.
  • Museum of Cozumel, Mexico: SOLO Show: January 25 to March 5, 2018. Title: Dance of life.


  • September 22 to October 27, Connection, Juried, National Show of FCA members, in Honor of Canada's 150th Birthday. Penticton, BC.
  • August 1 to 31: Group Show at the Community Arts Centre Vernon, BC.


  • January 5 to February 28: Solo Show at the Kay Meek Centre of Performing Arts, in West Vancouver.


  • Spring 2015: Art Crawl, North Vancouver.
  • Spring 2015: Group Spring Art Show with NSAG
  • March 2015: Group Show for the International Women's day, Foyer Gallery, Squamish.
  • June to August 2015: Solo Show in the Whistler Public Library, in the frame of the Whistler Art Walk.
  • July 2015: Show with Kristjana Gunnars at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver, entitled: From darkness to Light.
  • July 2015: Group Show Squamish, for the Wind & Water Festival.
  • August 2015: BC wide juried group Show in Tsawassen, entitled: Oil & Water.
  • December 2015: Whistler Milleniumplace: group show.


  • March 2014: Solo Show Foyer Gallery Squamish, BC
  • Summer 2014: Art Walk Whistler: Group Show Millenium Place, showed 13 paintings;
  • Summer 2014: Art Crawl Squamish, BC.
  • July 2014: Group Show Wind and Water Festival, Squamish, BC.
  • August 2014: Group show Foyer Gallery, Squamish, BC
  • October 2014: Groupshow 'Fine Art Sales' with the NSAG in West Vancouver.
  • December 2014: Group Christmas Show with the NSAG in North Vancouver.


  • April, May and June 2013: Brushstroke Gallery with the NSAG, North Vancouver, BC.
  • August 2013: Art Crawl Squamish, BC.