I love the color s the are happy paintings
Gretchen frith - 13 Jun 2014
Beautiful artwork my lovely, absolutely beautiful xoox
Alex Colman - 20 Aug 2012
Your work is beautiful, Marlise. I'm so excited that you're sharing it with the world now. I feel that your paintings really connect us with Holiness. much love, Donaleen
Donaleen Saul - 9 Jun 2012
Congratulations Marlise on your great website! Your paintings are amazing - joyful, vibrant and spontaneous with lots of movement! They make me feel like dancing! Much love, Heather
Heather MacNeil - 1 Jun 2012
I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your work! How appropriate that the first painting in the gallery is "The Veil" since we all see the world through our very own veil.
Valerie Hughes - 1 Jun 2012
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